The 8-week, LIVE program that will transform your relationship with food, body image, and self worth.

This trauma informed yoga bundle offers a variety of 15-45 minute yoga practices to help you create more safety and ease within your body. Practices include both restorative and heat-building flows.

Remember, you’re allowed to move in ways that feel safe and good in your body. It all counts.

If creating a consistent movement practice has always felt difficult or strained, consider this your invitation to redefine your relationship with it.
Contrary to what we’ve been conditioned to believe, movement doesn’t have to look like endless hours at the gym, running x miles/day, or dramatic physical transformation, … in fact, this sort of all-or-nothing relationship with movement can actually cause burnout, injury, and a lack of sustainability.

Believe it or not, the relationship we have with movement has the potential to be one of joy, pleasure, and ease. It can also allow us to improve our sleep, energy + mood, and help relieve stress. Once we let go of the body-modifying framework of movement and choose an approach of caring for our overall well-being, we unlock the true magic of movement.

Movement doesn’t have to be so all-or-nothing. Safe movement will always be more sustainable.


Hi, I’m Lauren Rasmussen (she/her), the founder of The Simplest Self.

Through being a survivor of childhood SA, experiencing extreme self hate and shame; and coping with my pain by engaging in addictive patterns to escape, all I wanted to do was run away. 

Despite experiencing so much pain, something in me wanted to survive. Something in me wanted more. I wanted to heal. I wanted to feel calm. I wanted to feel joy. I simply wanted to feel. 

I learned that I disconnected from my body as a way to survive the abuse I was going through as a child. I learned that it then made sense that as I grew up, I continued to do things to keep me out of my body. And that as I learned to reconnect with my body and heal, that would feel unsafe at first. 

It made sense. I made sense. Once I made space for why I did the things that I did to survive, it allowed me to move through the big emotions, regulate my nervous system, and learn to be in relationship to others and trust. 

After going through my own self healing journey, I knew I wanted to hold space for others to do the same. 

I now live a fulfilled life with my husband and 2 cat babies in Canada as I run our online coaching practice, The Simplest Self. Our mission at The Simplest Self is to help you create a life that you feel brave living. Our mission is to help you relearn your relationship to past survival strategies so you can reach your full potential. 

Our values are rooted in safety, curiosity, empowerment & inclusion–just to name a few. To read the full list of our core values, you can click here.


A mini library of Trauma Informed Yoga videos. This yoga bundle offers a variety of 15-45 minute trauma-informed yoga practices to help you create more safety and ease within your body. Practices include both restorative and heat-building flows. ($500 Value)

Chair Yoga | 15 Minute 
A great practice to do any time! Whether you work at a desk most of the day, or just need something simple, requiring no yoga mat or props that can help you get into your body… this simple chair practice checks all the boxes.

Feel Good Flow | 20 Minute 
Exactly what it sounds like - for when you only have 20 minutes and you just want to feel good. Focusing on poses that promote ease in your body as opposed to a ton of strength. No props needed.

Yin Down Regulating for Fast Paced Lives | 20 Minute
This 20 minute yin practice focuses on down regulating after a busy day, or decompressing from our fast paced lives in general. A couple prop options: a block, a pillow or bolster & a blanket

Vinyasa Yoga Flow | 
30 Minute
When you want to build some heat and get your sweat on, try this full body fiery flow. Build strength, flexibility, and focus as you move through a series of standing, lunging, shoulder/heart opening poses, and finishing with a restorative savasana.  Optional prop: block

Start Your Day Hatha Vin Flow
 | 45 Minute 
A start-the-day mellow flow. Props needed: strap/towel/belt. Optional props: blanket, block


My overall experience was so positive and life-changing. I discovered how to love myself, care for myself, and really listen to my own body.

I never thought that I would be where I am now. I went from being a person who had a vision in her head of what she thought she should look like, and I’m not this person who is just loving me for me. I love who i am inside and out, and I respect my body. I learned how to respect and feel my emotions. I 1000% recommend this to others. This will get you thinking on a deeper level, and will help your personal growth so much. Lauren is so knowledgeable and she always pours her heart into her clients.



Give yourself permission. You’re allowed to move in ways that feel good in your body. It ALL counts. The practices in this bundle will allow you to learn your body’s language of sensation. You’ll begin to experience what it feels like to find more ease, strength, flexibility, and most importantly - connection.